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The idea for the concept isn't in fact original. We were inspired by the hilarious "Our Robocop Remake" which was a first of its kind. Ever since the surge of Ai experimental films and trailers, the question of whether or not this technology could produce a feature-length film has lingered. We took it upon the community of Ai artists to answer this question.
*This film has no affiliation with the Terminator franchise or its creators.


The process involves dividing the film into 50 segments. Every artist will be responsible for crafting their specific segment, and ultimately, these segments will be merged to create the final movie. Each artist will follow our guidelines to ensure each piece is an original work of art.


If we succeed the result will be a first-of-its-kind feature-length film generated by artists using an amalgamation of artificial intelligence tools.

Our Guidelines

Original video

Artist are not allowed to rip any video from the original source material. All video used must be generated by Ai or shot by the artist.

original SFX & MUSIc

Any sound effects or music must be original or generated by Ai. The artist cannot use any music or sound from the source material.

use any tools necessary

The artist can use any tools necessary to complete the project.

original voice over

Artists are not allowed to use any original dialogue from the source material. Voices must either be generated by Ai or created by the artist.